Factory (extracts) - Performed by The Vonnegut Collective & Animikii Theatre, (11th March 2019)

Programme Note

These extracts comes from an informal performance of the piece at The Whitworth, Manchester on 11th March 2019 by The Vonnegut Collective and Animikii Theatre.


Programme Note:

This piece presents an abstract factory for the production of music. Breath is stored, transfered and used to produce sound. However, unlike the human-machines (the wind players and actors), the string player does not require breath to produce. So what do they do? They are the boss. Unable to relate to the experiences of the workers and motivated by higher production and greater profit. the boss pushes the workers harder and harder. What can they do? How can they resist the bosses unrealistic demands? Find union.

The sections, which are delineated by a whistle, are:

Production begins

Production halts

Prodcution continues

Lunch break

Production continues

Production halts indefinitely

After this concert has concluded, the composer urges everyone to join a union to safeguard theirs and others labour rights. For those already members, demand your union works for the betterment of yours and others working conditions.

Children's Games - Performed by CoMA Bristol, filmed by Rachel Branston (27th March 2017)

Programme Note

Children's Games is a piece which aims to capture the fun of music. Contemporary classical music is often incredibly serious and as musicians we're expected to take it very seriously; this piece flies in the face of that! It shows the fun before the seriousness, like the fun many of us had as children playing music before it become synonymous with hard work and rigour (not that this isn't fun sometimes too). In the work the performers take a rare opportunity to play the games they knew as children, but this time as musicians. The chaos of childish joy erupts on the stage before the fun is ended by the severity of tradition.

Study #3 - Performed by Zak Eastop, filmed by Joshua Ward (24th October 2016)

Programme Note

Breath:    'The air taken into or expelled from the lungs'

                'The power of breath; life'

    Out of breath

    Before one can draw breath

    Catch one's breath

    Waste one's breath

    A breath of fresh air

    Don't hold your breath

    Under one's breath

    The last breath

Breathing is, perhaps, the most important part of playing any wind instrument. Without breath the trumpet is just a piece of metal. The trumpeter's breath brings the trumpet to life. This piece is a study of that breath.

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